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"Queers are just better.

I'd be so proud if you were a fag."

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To paraphrase Eddie Izzard: Sorry, I've got to go. My cat's exploded and my grandmother's on fire. Hey, My name is Eliot. You may call me guitar_mistress. That is my username. I am super cool. I like horror films, especially cheap ones with no plot. My interests say more about me. I like high speed internet, and of course iTunes.

I like CSI: Las Vegas, so of course I'm a big Grissom/Sara shipper.

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I am way too emotionally involved in House MD and read much fanfiction.

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My most recent obsession has been with John Waters,
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Crispin Hellion Glover,
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Stephen Colbert,
"the well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-class idiot"
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and Strangers With Candy in all its greatness!

My Favorite SWC Moments:
Jerri Blank "Meeting new people can lead to having sex with your children"
Father Dylan Baker "It's just this kind of degenerate behavior that leads to recycling"
Father Dylan Baker "It looks like two long shoremen fighting over a squirrell"
Noblet "Geoffrey's the key, and I know all about his keyhole."

Noblet "What's Geoffrey thinking? He's being so... rebellious like some leather-clad biker with the smell of cheap alcohol on his breath. Tight pants, creeking like a rusty door hinge, as he makes his way across the bar and [pelvic thrust] pins you to the wall with that smokey glare of his. You wanna run, but you can't. Can't move. It's like he's trapped you like some helpless woodland creature. [awkward glance]"